• Biography

    Fouad's artistic journey began with breakdancing, where he honed his skills to perform alongside acclaimed international artists and teach at Belgian dance schools. However, a seed of acting was planted during a US internship, leading him to join the Parallax School of Actors in Brussels while simultaneously pursuing a college degree.

    He earned a Bachelor's in Information Technology followed by a Master's in International Business. This dual expertise allowed him to balance acting with a system engineer position early in his career.

    His training intensified at the Flanders Acting Studio under the tutelage of American actor John Flanders. This dedication caught the eye of a US talent agency in Los Angeles, opening doors to a global acting career. This led to him landing roles in renowned shows like NCIS, Criminal Minds, Madam Secretary, and Magnum PI. His latest film, "Rebel," directed by the Bad Boys 3 & 4 team, is a testament to his international success.

    But Fouad's talents extend beyond on-screen performances. He directed and produced six short films and lent his voice to blockbusters like Spiderman, John Wick 3, and Call of Duty, proving his versatility in the entertainment industry.

    His talent has garnered recognition too. In 2019, he won the prestigious Diwan Award for achievements in arts & culture in Brussels, followed by being shortlisted for Best Supporting Actor at the prestigious "Les Magritte du Cinema" (Belgian Oscars) in 2023.

    And the journey continues. In 2024, Fouad landed the lead role in the theatrical film "BXL," set for release in 2025.

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    Magnum PI - Season 4
    Animal Kingdom
    Madam Secretary
    Criminal Minds - Beyond Borders
    NCIS Los Angeles
    Hollywood Girls
    Deadly Wives
    1000 Ways To Die
    Kidnap & Rescue
    Hassan Alsn.
    Co-star (2ep)
    Dany Attar
    BIO / A&E

    Feature Films

    BXL - Theaters '25
    Rebel - US Theaters '23 + Cannes
    False Colors
    The Mummy Resurrected

    1st Lead
    Maj. Suppport.
    Dir. Ish & Monir Ait Hamou
    Dir. Adil el Arbi & Bilall Fallah
    Dir. William Norton
    Dir. Ray Haboush


    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    Spider-Man: Far from Home
    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
    Charlies Angels
    Murder Mystery
    Lost in space
    The Romanoffs
    The Brave
    The Vampire Diaries

    Infinity Ward
    Dir. Jon Watts
    Dir. Chad Stahelski
    Dir. Elizabeth Banks
    Dir. Kyle Newacheck
    Dir. Timur Bekmambetov

    5 Years Training: Sag Conservatory, Flanders Acting Studio, Parallax School of Actors
    Fluent in: English - French - Arabic - Dutch
    Skills: Soccer, Workout, Breakdance, Computer Technology
    Citizenships: USA, EU & Morocco + Fully Vaccinated

  • Portfolio

  • Video

    Acting Demo Reel

    Fouad Hajji - Acting Demo Reel

    Magnum PI - HPD Scene

    Fouad Hajji - Magnum PI

    Criminal Minds: BB - Final Scene

    Fouad Hajji - Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders

    Madam Secretary

    Fouad Hajji - Madam Secretary

    NCIS Los Angeles - Standoff Scene

    Fouad Hajji - NCIS Los Angeles

    Criminal Minds: BB - Beating Scene

    Fouad Hajji - Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders

    Revolution - Torture Scene

    Fouad Hajji - Revolution
  • Directing

    Legends of Uud

    Horror, Mystery [5:53]

    Legends of Uud


    United We Stand

    Drama [2:48]

    United We Stand



    Inspirational [4:56]



    Ramadan Is Coming

    Comedy [1:09]

    Ramadan Is Coming


    Too Hot

    Comedy [0:45]

    Too Hot - Stop Motion


    Mc Mahmoud

    Comedy [0:24]

    Mc Mahmoud


    In development:

    • Untitled drama mini-series 2019: Pre-production
    • '2050' drama mini-pilot 2018: Completed
    • Untitled horror short 2019: Completed

  • Actor Business Coaching

    Private One-on-One Coaching

    After years in Los Angeles, one recurring remark that I keep hearing from my fellow actors, is the fact that during acting training, we are not taught how the business side of acting works. As much as you may love the craft of acting, one needs to be business and computer savvy in order to effectively live and work in LA. As an experienced actor with a bachelor's degree in IT and a master's degree in international business, I have successfully used these skills to advance my career.

    In our 90 minute one-on-one session I will inform you, guide you and help you setup a strong business strategy in order for you to compete (or start competing) with the other actors in LA. During the session your situation will be fully evaluated, your materials will be reviewed and your questions will be answered. The session can be fully tailored to your needs. It can be setup as a structured class subject by subject, a session focused on specific subjects of your choice or a Q&A only session where I will answer all your possible questions. Depending on the style of coaching you choose, one or multiple sessions may be needed to cover all the subjects in detail. This will be discussed with you before setting up the session.

    Subjects handled during the sessions include:

    • Evaluation of your situation
    • Review of your actor materials
    • Workings of the LA industry
    • Commercial-Print vs TV-Film
    • Getting started in LA
    • Working as an actor
    • Union and non-union
    • Agent vs Manager
    • Actor's digital presence
    • Needed actor materials
    • Marketing strategies
    • O1-Visas / Greencard

    After your situation has been reviewed and you have been coached on how the Los Angeles industry operates, the rest of the session(s) will focus will on getting you business ready:

    • Review/Setup of your online casting profiles
    • Review/Setup of your resumes
    • Review/Choosing the right headshots
    • Review/Setup of your demoreel
    • Website and social media strategy
    • Professional approach to agents/managers
    • Review/Setup of a marketing materials


    • Single 90-minute session: $80 / • 3-session pack: $220
    Email me your info and I will get back to you asap.
    Skype sessions also available. Accept PayPal.


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    Press Articles

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    Open : Magazine: Cine Tele Revue , Belgium , November 24 2013.
  • Contact

    United States

    Los Angeles

    Smith & Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency
    Julie Smith


    +1 310 475 2010


    ADR Agency
    Ryan Brown


    +1 808 466 3535


    Belgium & UK

    Lucky Star International Talent Agency
    Alain Van Goethem


    +32 468 233 031

    Direct Contact: info@fouadhajji.com

  • Home Studio Recording

    Audition Selftaping & Youtube video taping

    Professional HOME recording setup for high quality videos for your auditions or youtube channel. Setup: DSLR camera + 2 Daylight Softboxes + Pro shotgun microphone.

    ** Last minute bookings available. ** Watch a video quality sample: VIDEO QUALITY SAMPLE



    -- RECORD ONLY: $25 first 30 minutes : raw MOV footage only. No editing.
    -- RECORD + EDIT (Selftape): $35 first 30 minutes : Edited MP4 Audition File + Raw MOV footage.
    -- RECORD + EDIT (Youtube ): please email me to discuss amount of editing.
    -- ADDITIONAL TIME: $10 for each additional started 15 minutes.


    1- Relaxed setting. Very experienced.
    2- My apartment is located on Ventura blvd in studio city. Safe neighborhood. Street Parking.
    3- Please watch the video to hear my very tiny accent. If it is an issue, your reader is welcome.
    4- No backdrop used for selftaping (see video). For Youtube, white and black available.
    5- Please come in prepared, camera ready and professional.

    Questions ? Email : info@fouadhajji.com -- Book a spot ? text or call: 949.228.2574